Personal Injury Keywords for Online Chiropractic Marketing

How much for Auto Injury Compensation is the most Googled Auto Injury Question

If you interested marketing for PI cases on the internet a common and effective method of marketing is to understand what the target market wants and to deliver it.

To attract PI patients you should create content which they are searching

When it comes to chiropractic marketing for PI the most frequent question being searched is “how much compensation for an auto injury”.

A good marketing strategy is to create content which answers that question.

Content can take many forms:

  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Podcast

I personally create content based on what my prospective clients like. With most people that involves creating content using video marketing.

Video marketing can be in many forms:

  • Video tips
  • Video mini educational series
  • Video webinar
  • Video interview

Again the method of content creation should be based on what your market expects and demands, not what your comfortable with.

Good chiropractic internet PI marketing will give the answers to their questions


  1. Reverse engineer your target market,
  2. Understand their desires and motives,
  3. Create content based what they expect,
  4. Deliver the content in a form which they wish to receive it.

That is a principle of good online chiropractic marketing for PI cases.

Call me for effective chiropractic PI internet marketing.

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