Personal Injury Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, Personal Injury Marketing Expert

Personal injury marketing starts with an understanding of the S-curve of economics as it relates to your specific marketing.

The s-curve of economics is the relationship of how products or services are consumed by a market over time.

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Depending on where your target market is on the s-curve is dependent on the type of marketing you would use. The marketing formats would include publicity, advertising, sales promotions and sales.

Each type of marketing has it’s specific formula and reasons why you would use it. Some would be combined and for the most part all would be used in your personal injury marketing. The questions is not if you would use each but how, when and why.

Personal injury marketing would also include factors such as what demographic, psychographic and geographic target.

Additional factors to consider for your personal injury marketing are the vehicle of communication or how your message will be transferred.

The most important part of you marketing would include the unique sales position and if it would be a pain or pleasure message.

Some of the last factors to consider for your personal injury marketing are the primary and secondary obstacles and how to deal with them.

So understanding the s-curve of economics relative to personal injury marketing is vital to the success of you marketing.

One of the greatest understanding in marketing is the difference between advertising and sales and how they relate to your target market.

When there is less then fifty percent consumption, sales will give the greatest reward, when there is greater then fifty percent consumption of your product or service relative to your personal injury marketing target market you would want to consider adverting.

The you would need to consider name recognition advertising versus direct response.

All of these factors are contingent on your understanding of the s-curve of economics as it relates to your personal injury marketing.

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