Personal Injury Marketing Strategies

Dr. Paul Hollern, Personal Injury Marketing Expert

There are two main personal injury markets and and three main personal injury marketing strategies.

The two main personal injury marketing markets are the public at large and personal injury attorneys. The three main strategies include publicity, advertising, sales promotions and sales. Each personal injury marketing strategy is for a specific purpose.

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When marketing to the publicĀ  you must consider many factors for your personal injury marketing including the vehicle of communication. What is the most common and effective format to reach this market and communicate your message.

The same applies to the PI attorney, you should be aware of what is the best form of communication to get your personal injury message across.

When marketing to each of the categories consider what strategy to use. Should you use publicity, advertising, sales promotions or sales.

The answer to the latter question is you should use each of the personal injury marketing strategies and in fact they all go together. Your personal injury marketing should start with publicity to your target market and follow up with adverting then go to sales promotions and end with sales.

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