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Automated Personal Injury Marketing

Personal injury marketing has a few unique aspects which require additional knowledge usually not taught in chiropractic college.

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As an example a few of the concepts needed for a successful chiropractic personal injury marketing campaign are:

  • Introduction PI Attorney List
  • Automated Vehicle of Delivery
  • Unique and Specific Message
  • Exceptional Documentation
  • Ability to Present Material to Jury

These are just a few of the personal injury marketing aspects necessary for a successful personal injury marketing campaign.

At online chiropractic marketing systems we teach, set up and support each the the unique factors necessary to establish chiropractors as uniquely qualified to solve soft tissue injuries, document them and teach the ability to testify to a jury the facts of the case undisputed.

We also offer 3 personal injury seminars free to our clients. This is an example of some of the recent content we shared at our personal injury marketing seminar.

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