Personal Injury Marketing Chiropractic Seminars

Dr. Paul Hollern, Personal Injury Marketing Chiropractic Expert

The first place to start your personal injury marketing chiropractic is with knowledge of how to process the personal injury patient and document their status for possible trial.

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Our personal injury marketing chiropractic seminars trains chiropractors in the knowledge of personal injury case management and personal injury marketing.

There are three main categories for personal injury marketing chiropractic and they are:

  1. Patient personal injury marketing
  2. PI attorney marketing
  3. Medical doctor marketing

Each personal injury marketing is a very different message.

The patient personal injury marketing chiropractic for patients is offering the top 10 auto injury mistakes.

The PI attorney marketing chiropractic message is how you can help maximize their PI compensation and increase their number of PI cases.

The medical personal injury marketing is cross referral relationship and science based.

Each of theses messages can be delivered in various formats. I prefer videos on the internet. There are many reasons I prefer videos of the chiropractor delivering the marketing message connected to an e-mail auto responder.

Using e-mail as the primary vehicle of delivery for your personal injury marketing chiropractic makes it cheap and easy

Using e-mail also allows for automated follow up with no labor.

Doctor videos delivering the message increases the trust in the chiropractor.

Videos are used because the visual medium is 55% of how we communicate. We would rather watch a video than read.

For more information on how we can set up your personal injury marketing chiropractic give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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