Online Chiropractic PI Marketing Interviews

Dr. Paul Hollern interviewing Dr. Greg Hollstrom

YouTube Preview Image

As part of the chiropractic PI marketing package online chiropractic marketing systems includes Dr. interviews. The interview questions are based on the most common questions being asked on the internet regarding personal injury cases.

The interview style allow for a relaxed presentation, while the interviewer is asking the same questions the viewer would ask or want to know. The interview method is a very popular and effective method to present informaiton and appear as the expert.

The viewers defenses are down becasue they feel they are not being sold.

I have personally found the chirorpactors favor the intervew style of video marketing. It makes for converstational exchange of information.

Dr. video interviews are a major part of the chiropractic PI marketing system. It allows for the potential patients and PI attorneys to get to know the chiropractor.

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