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Dr. Paul Hollern Chiropractic PI Marketing Expert

Video marketing on the Internet has taken over as the primary method of communication. Paper newsletters are dead.

Every now and then I’ll have a chiropractor ask me is they should send a paper newsletter. I in return ask them how many paper newsletters to you read. Without exception the chiropractor usually says “none”. TheĀ  ask the obvious “if you do not read newsletter people send you why do you think sending a paper newsletter would be accepted and read by your audience”. That usually grabs their attention.

The communication standard today is videos on the Internet. Have you considered using online chiropractic marketing videos for your newsletter?

Fifty five percent of how we communicate is visual, visual creates the best emotional response and videos on the Internet are very simple and easy. Most of your target market would rather click a play button and watch a brief video then sit down and read an article. Reading takes effort and time.

We are in a very fast paced society, brief videos on singular topics are viewed by millions on the Internet daily.

My suggestion for a newsletter is the chiropractor create videos using a high definition web-cam with decent lighting giving a short to the point message that is relevant to your target market.

When you use e-mail to send the link to your patient base it’s free. Paper newsletter can cost from hundreds of dollars to thousand.

The chiropractor who gets comfortable using his web-cam for online chiropractic marketing to their patients will have a significant leg up on the competition. In the very near future it will be the norm.

I suggest you start using your web-cam video to create your own personal newsletter to communicate with your patient base.

If you need help, give me a call I specialize in online chiropractic marketing.

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