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Release How to Make a Chiropractic Website

Dr. Paul Hollern will soon release video instructions on

“How to Make a Chiropractic Website with WordPress”

In today’s market a chiropractor without a website is like a fish out of water. In the last several years consulting with chiropractors I always review where their patients come from.

In over five years NOT one patient came from the Yellow Pages

If it’s not a referral, the connection comes through the Internet. Most typically the chiropractors website.

If you haven’t heard: Static Websites are Dead

It is estimated over 90% of the web-pages on the Internet are not indexed.

Which means they cannot be found unless the person specifically puts in that domain name or URL. Only 11% of the populations put in a URL and not use the search box.

The blog website is KING and gets Ranked by Google

The most popular blog website is word-press.

Dr. Paul Hollern is about the release a video instructions on How to make a chiropractic website with wordpress.

This is one of over a hundred videos in the instructions

YouTube Preview Image
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