Neurosurgeons are one of the best referral sources for chiropractors.


The neurosurgeons I worked with were very conservative. They had plenty of business and were not scalpel happy. Of all the doctors I worked with they were more aware of the healing process and the bio-mechanical/pathological process initiated with surgery. They were totally for a more conservative method or care initially.


Neurosurgeons are highly trusted by their patients. When I received a referral from the neurosurgeons I worked with the patient was much more receptive and compliant.

It has also been my experience that the neurosurgeon is interested in the facts and science of health care. Meaning the 3 phases of healing and how chiropractic treatment effects the tissue. They were not interested in chiropractic philosophy and some made it a point to be aware of my position on treatments which have not shown consistent clinical effectiveness and reliability.


In my experience, Not many chiropractors try to establish a referral relationship with neurosurgeons. My personal belief is they are somewhat intimidated. There is no need, I have yet to talk to any medical provider that understands the bio-mechanics of the spine and the effects of the 3 phases of healing.

In my experience once I engage the neurosurgeon on the spinal instantaneous axis of rotation and abnormal lovitt positions they were very interested.

So that is why we have Online Marketing Systems specifically directed to the neurosurgeons in your area.

Give me a call, I’ll be more than willing to share with you the steps to initiating and dialoging the neurosurgeon in a successful inter professional relationship.

Dr. Paul Hollern

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