Online Chiropractic Marketing

14 Possibilities to Build your Practice

by Dr. Paul Hollern

Online Marketing for Chiropractors need not be a Maze

Online or Internet marketing for chiropractors can take many forms. These are some of the methods I use to help chiropractors build and maintain their practices using the Internet.

  1. Website traffic
  2. Social media
  3. Paid advertising
  4. Banner ads
  5. Video marketing
  6. Facebook ads
  7. Pay per click
  8. List building
  9. News releases
  10. E-mail marketing
  11. Squidoo marketing
  12. Podcasting
  13. Classified ads
  14. Article marketing

You certainly do not need to know all of these online marketing techniques, but using two or three in your chiropractic marketing campaign will definitely have an impact.


  • The yellow pages and newspapers are dead!
  • 81% of US households have access to a computer!
  • 90% of US households have access to the Internet!

If it’s not a referral, now days patients look you up on the Internet.

  • Only 11% actually put a URL or domain name in the domain box.
  • Over 89% use the search box to find the information they are looking for.
  • Only 14% will pick the pay per click ads on the right hand side of Google.

Most potential patients will use the search box for a specific keyword, than pick one of the top 10 listings in Google’s organic or non paid listings.

If you are looking for more business you have to go where the business goes.

And the business is on the Internet!

I suggest having an Internet consultant evaluate one of the previous online marketing programs that fits your style of marketing and budget.

In the older days chiropractors used to pay the yellow pages $300 to $1000 per month to drive patients to their office. That budget has moved to the Internet. The Internet is not a static piece of marketing. It is a constantly changing dynamic. This is way I suggest chiropractors get with a Internet marketer, design your online marketing presence and drive it.

If you need more information Internet marketing for chiropractors go to I specialize in internet marketing for chiropractors.

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