Online Chiropractic Marketing Includes E-Mail Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic PI Marketing Expert

When I talk to most chiropractors about Internet marketing they do not understand the multiple venues which include online chiropractic marketing.

E-Mail Marketing is Online Chiropractic Marketing

One of the single best marketing sources of new patients is your past or inactive patients. The cheapest most effective form of marketing to that segment is e-mail marketing which includes a video link of the doctor with a relevant message.

The benefits of e-mail marketing with a link including a video massage from the doctor includes:

  • Top if mind awareness
  • Emotional content
  • Visual communication
  • No cost

A simple video of the doctor with a pertinent message included in the email as a link is the best form of inactive patient marketing.

Now days a high definition web cam offers a quality image to send to inactive patients.

The vehicle of delivery using e-mail and video links in the e-mail top using out dated newsletters.

If you have not heard video on the Internet has skyrocketed. Get your chiropractic practice in on the latest and most effective form of re-activiatinv past patients, e-mail with a video link of the doctor offering a message of value.

For more information give me a call, I specialize in online chiropractic marketing.

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