Number One Chiropractic Internet Marketing Mistake

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Internet Marketing Expert

The number one chiropractic internet marketing mistake is actually two. The top two mistakes is to not have our chiropractic website search engine optimized and the second mistake is to not create fresh relevant content for Google index.

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Not SEO your site will hurt your ability to get on the first page of Google when potential patients are searching for a chiropractors.

Not creating “Fresh Relevant Content” will limit your website from moving into the first page of Google and up the rankings.

The importance of SEO and creating fresh relevant content will impact the number of new patients searching for a chiropractor in your location.

Without performing these two chiropractic internet marking functions your site will remain on the last pages of Google.

When your site remains off the first page of Google you have a significantly lower chance of getting the new patient searching for a chiropractor to call your office.

Less than 16% of the searches go past the first page of Google. Over 50% of the searches will clink on a link not only on the first page of Google but on one of the first five links.

So it is a big mistake to not have your chiropractic internet marketing SEO and create fresh relevant content.

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