Whiplash Injury Treatment

Whiplash Injury Treatment

New Whiplash Injury Treatment Eliminates Chiropractic

All Natural Whiplash Injury Treatment

NOT! Whiplash injury treated by a chiropractor is one of the most effective forms of physical medicine for the treatment of whiplash injury.

The body heals in three phases, the inflammation phase, repair phase  and the remodel phase. Only chiropractic treatment can effect the tissue in each of the three phases of healing and restore the 3 motions in a joint, active motion, passive motion, and joint space motion.

If the three phases of healing are not addressed after a whiplash injury chance of permanent injury significantly increase. If the three joint motions are not addressed the likelihood of permanent injury also is magnified.

After a whiplash injury, chiropractic care is the only type of health care that addresses the three phases of healing as well as helping to restoring all three joint motions.

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But the latest treatment does look like fun to try.

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