New Patients Using Chiropractic Online Marketing Videos

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

Let me share with you a very simple method to attract new patients using chiropractic online marketing videos.

Set up a high definition web cam on you office computer. Do not use your built in camera if it is not high definition.

Go to the news website you often view. Click on the health portion and look for a headline that relates to chiropractic. This is important because you will cause a paradigm shift by commenting on health material you audience does not see you as knowledgeable.

Pick the top that relates to chiropractic or natural health care. Then create a short video, less than 1 minute, and give your opinion of that news article. Be sure to reference the news source.

Next take that video and upload it to your you-tube account. Copy the link to your video and past it into an e-mail which is to be sent to all your patient base. Be sure when you send e-mails using chiropractic online marketing to always use the blind carbon copy (BBC) portion for sending. This will limit any other patients from seeing all the e-mails and not violate HIPPA.

If you do this one a week or once a month it will help keep your face and name in front of your patient base without them feeling like you are regularly soliciting them.

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