Most Important Chiropractic Online Marketing Tip

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

Let me share with you the most important chiropractic online marketing tip.

Just Do It!

Here is why:

Over 100 million Americans search the Internet for health information.

• 92% of businesses have a website.

• 87% of patients’ first contact with a business is on the Internet.

• More than 60% would switch to a chiropractor with a website.

• 20% of all Internet traffic is health-related.

• People who are >60 years old are the fastest-growing age demographic on the


It has been stated that up to 67% of patients will Google their condition prior to making the first appointment to a doctors office.

Up to 37% of potential patients will Google their insurance carrier to see which providers are on their list.

So if you are not using chiropractic online marketing you are missing out on where the vast majority of patient are searching for a chiropractic provider.

There are many forms of chiropractic online marketing, at the very least have an effective chiropractic website with personal videos of the doctor.

Their are obviously many factors involved when planning your chiropractic online marketing.

Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems was set up to make chiropractic online marketing easy. This is why the tag line is

Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems: Automated New Patient Internet Marketing for the Low Tech Chiropractor.

Give up a call and we will guide you through the maze of chiropractic online marketing systems.

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