Is Facebook is Driving Online Chiropractic Marketing

“Internet marketing has now tipped the £4 billion mark – £500,000 above the spend for TV advertising last year”.

This is a recent article I came across. I slightly changed the title adding chiropractic but the message remains the same. It’s a British article so the money figures are European.

“Social media marketing in general and Facebook in particular are the most important drivers in online direct marketing, according to one UK-based internet specialist.

Ben Hatton, who runs a digital media agency in Liverpool, told the Liverpool Daily Post that businesses needed to embrace Facebook and social media marketing if they wanted to be successful online.

He dispensed his advice following the announcement by the Internet Advertising Bureau that internet marketing has now tipped the £4 billion mark – £500,000 above the spend for TV advertising last year.

Mr Hatton said: “The growth of the mobile and social media world is only going to continue, and advertisers will increasingly head online as technological advancements bring new ways to reach consumers.”

Facebook’s model for marketing has been considered to be so successful that other social networking sites are considering taking it on. Marketing Vox reported that Twitter was considering creating branded corporate pages in a similar fashion to the social networking giant.”

It seems there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t read about the progress of the internet in some form or fashion. Yet I still run into chiropractors who do not use the internet for their online chiropractic marketing.

To get started using the internet for your chiropractic internet marketing give me a call, we can make it work for you.

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