Introduction Personal Injury Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, Personal Injury Marketing Expert

The best and most effective form of personal injury marketing is introduction marketing. There are four types of ways to get in front of a target market.

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They are:

  1. Cold Calls
  2. Leads
  3. Referrals
  4. Introductions

The level of effectiveness increases as you go down the chart. Cold call marketing is the worst and introduction marketing is the best.

The reason why introduction personal injury marketing is the most effective form of marketing is based on two factors: trust and need.

When you have a target market your chances of the marketing program significantly increase if there is higher trust and a need for your services.

The more trust and the more need your personal injury marketing has the greater the effectiveness. So no matter what type of marketing you do the very first type of marketing system you should have in place is a introduction personal injury marketing.

Introduction personal injury marketing leverages trust through relationships to contact a target market in need.

Add in a relative message with a intriguing offer and there you have it, introduction personal injury marketing.

Obviously the message you send has to be relevant even if there is high trust and need. So reverse engineering your target market to find the most appealing message and make that your unique sales position.

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