In Active Patients Personal Injury Marketing Strategy

Dr. Paul Hollern, Personal Injury Marketing Expert

One of the most effective forms of personal injury marketing is to market to your in active patient base. Your past patients know, like and trust you  and 2% of them are involved in personal injuries annually.

In-active clients are the single best source of attaining new personal injury clients

There are four major aspects to personal injury marketing you have to overcome and they are:

  • Trust
  • Resistance
  • Defense
  • Confidence

When you market for personal injury to this group of people you cover all the bases. They already have a sense of trust unless you did something to violate the trust.

Their resistances, defenses, are down because of their familiarity with you and your facility.

Their confidences is up is on the first time around you show professional experience and gave a superior service.

The are many forms of personal injury marketing to this group. I would suggest the visual medium of videos. Not just any videos but videos of you because they already know and trust you.

I would also consider using e-mail to transmit the video for several reasons. Mostly because it is cheep and highly available.

When e-mails are used with an auto responder the all important follow up is automated.

So if your considering personal injury marketing I would first consider marketing to your past clients.

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