How to Use Online Chiropractic Marketing to Wish Your Patients Happy Birthday

Dr. Paul Hollern, Online Chiropractic Marketing

Every body knows you should wish your patients a happy birthday. Most chiropractors will send a postcard.

The best method of contacting your past patients and wishing them a happy birthday is by using your high definition web-cam, e-mail and online chiropractic marketing.

These are the many benefits of using a high definition web-cam to make a video wishing your patients a happy birthday.

  • 55% of how we communicate is visual
  • Videos of the chiropractor create an emotional response unlike a postcard.
  • Videos can be sent free using e-mail and include the video link.

For you top referring patients send a personal video message and be sure to say something personal you remember about that patients. For the rest of your patients a group video of your staff with a unique message will suffice.

When my chiropractic clients start sending out video messages of the chiropractor to the past patients wishing them a happy birthday they typically get a call to the patient expresses how unique it was for them to receive such a personal birthday message.

Go ahead and use online chiropractic marketing instead of postcards to your past patients for their birthday, they will remember you!

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