How to use a Web-Cam for Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Internet Marketing Expert

One of the best methods to attract PI patients to your chiropractic office is to use a web-cam and talk to your past patients.

On average 2% of you patient population is in a car injury every year with 7 people in their circle of influence

Multiple 2% times the number of patients in your data base. Send out a video message monthly to your patients base using a web-cam and placing the link of the video into your e-mail. It’s free and the best visual medium.

Your message should focus on the top three questions PI patients have:

  1. Who pays for the cost of injury and damage
  2. What specific therapy do you offer for car injuries
  3. How is a car injury compensated

By sending a visual message of the doctor regularly to your patients base and offering relevant information you have several factors working in your favor:

  • Trust
  • Visual message
  • Relevant message
  • Free
  • High leverage of time
  • Easy

Start sending relevant web-cam video message to your past patients to stimulate your chiropractic personal injury marketing.

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