How To Set Up Chiropractic Lead Generation Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Lead Generation Marketing Expert

Lead generation marketing is the process of capturing a specific target market and sending automated messages with a call to action.

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Chiropractic lead generation marketing is very effective because it builds trust and confidence in the target market over time.

Regular messages are sent, usually automated and by e-mail, which help the consumer develop trust in you and the confidence you will be able to help them.

The factors needed for chiropractic lead generation marketing include:

  • Specific problem bases message, being general will not work. Lead generation marketing is for specific patients with specific problems.
  • A one page website with the ability to capture their contact information.
  • A e-mail auto responder connected to the one page website.
  • Follow up messages within your e-mail auto-responder.

Your chiropractic lead generation marketing can be set upĀ  with text, videos, PDF, word documents, power-point presentation etc.

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