How to Evaluate your Online Chiropractic Marketing Competition

Dr. Paul Hollern Demonstrates How to Evaluate your Chiropractic Internet Competition

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What will it take to dominate Google for your online chiropractic marketing area. This is a recorded live evaluation for a client who called asking what it would take to be on the first page of Google.

There are seven categories to optimize your content:

  1. Keyword in title tag
  2. Keyword in H1 or Heading
  3. Keyword in H2 or subheading
  4. Keyword in content not more than 2.5%
  5. Keyword in meta keywords
  6. Keyword in meta description
  7. Photos and videos tagged with keyword

The first step in being on the first page of Google is to SEO optimize your content. If you do not Google will not know what your chiropractic internet marketing material is about.

For more information on how to get more new patients using online chiropractic marketing give me a call. I’ll evaluate your internet marketing competition.

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