How Patient Trust Starts With Your Online Chiropractic Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems

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More often than not the first place a potential new patient will get their first impression of you and your chiropractic office is from your online chiropractic marketing.

Specifically from your personal doctors videos. The videos you use for your online chiropractic marketing can and will have a significant effect on the new patients perception.

The majority of us communicate visually, in fact it is estimated that only 7% of communication is in the form of words, 36% in tone and 55% visually.

So the videos of you and your chiropractic office you use for your online chiropractic marketing should be reflective of the professional your prospective patients expect.

In the US culture that would be clean personal hygeine and professional dress. Professional dress for a doctor in the US culture means white lab coat and tie

The white lab coat has aleady been branded and it will serve you well to ride on the coatales of what already has trust in the consumers mind.

Royal blue and gold are the most trusted colors and blue is the color associated or branded with health care.

So it would be wise to wear a white lab coat with a royal blue shirt and gold tie for men. This is not my opinion, these are well established facts.

So you can benefit significalty if on your online chiropractic marketing photos or videos you dressed with what is expedted of a health care professional and wear the colors which also have already been branded and have meaning in the new patients mind.

For more information on how to use online chiropractic marketing to build and support your chiropractic practice give me a call at 183-480-1693.

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