How many New Patients can you expect from Google Online Chiropractic Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern Explains and Shows Basic Chiropractic Internet Marketing Data

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Several factors will determine how many patients you can expect from you online chiropractic marketing.

Some of the major ones are:

  • Your population base seeking your keywords
  • Your competition for those keywords
  • Quality of content distribution
  • Quantity of content distribution
  • Frequency of content distribution
  • Do you participate in all 4 Google categories, images, video, blogs, news.

After these major categories is what happens when they click that link.

  • Is it relevant
  • Is it understandable
  • How does the image come across
  • What is the structure or flow of the content
  • Is it interactive
  • Do you capture their e-mail

So you can see there are many factors to the answer, the good news is it can all be quantified to give you a return on investment number over time. With that number you can decide to continue or renegotiate with your online chiropractic marketing team.

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