How Colossus Software Effects Chiropractic PI Marketing

Understanding how the insurance company calculates and processes PI claims is vital to your chiropractic personal injury marketing. Colossus is the primary computer software program used by many of the major personal injury insurance carries. Many of the PI attorneys use their system.

Insurance companies spend millions on colossus software to save billions


History of Colossus:

Original Colossus Computer

“The Colossus machines were electronic computing devices used by British code-breakers to help read encrypted German messages during World War II. These were the world’s first programmable, digital, electronic, computing devices. They used vacuum tubes (thermionic valves) to perform the calculations”. More colossus history here…

“Colossus: Secret software code systems the PI insuranceĀ  companies (British) use to limit payment”.

Knowing the basicsĀ  of how the colossus software works is it’s own language. Your note and record keeping systems should be based on the language of the PI insurance carriers, that being colossus.

Your PI attorney marketing language also should be based on colossus.

To learn more on the colossus note and record keeping systems, attend one of our chiropractic internet marketing workshops.

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