How Online Chiropractic Marketing

works varies slightly depending on the audience

Four Step Method of Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems:

Step 1.
Letters, postcards or e-mails are used to communicate with the target market. (Sent up to 3 times to get them to act)
The content of the communication (letter, postcard, e-mail) has a specific and compelling message which includes an offer.

Within the message is a vanity Domain Name, URL link, or Web Address. (Ex.
The message asks them to go to that Web address for a specific message and an offer for free information.

The Web address in the letter leads them a one page website called a “landing page”.
The landing page has specific content relative to that target audience. (New Patient, PI Attorney, Re-Activation etc.)

Step 2.
When they reach the landing page they are asked to give their e-mail address in exchange for free information.

Step 3.
After they give their e-mail address the page opens to a video presentation.
The video presentation is a pre-recorded message delivered by you.

Your message is very specific to that target audience.
The video message focuses on your target audience specific Problem, Want or Need.
Followed by a Solution you have to offer, and Why they should pick You.

Included is an Offer to motivate them to act and a Deadline to get them to act NOW.
The message is designed to get that person to act NOW. Either by calling for an appointment, referring a PI patient, or re-activating a patient.

Step 4.
If they do not act now, every 5 days they are sent an e-mail with a pre-recorded message from an auto-responder. (They previously gave up their e-mail address)

“An auto-responder is a software program that will automatically send messages you create at times you want them to be sent”
The messages are Pre-Recorded Videos of you delivering a very specific script that relates to them.
These reminders are automatic and continue to communicate with the potential prospect until the desired action has been taken.

Weather it is a New Patient calling for an appointment, PI Attorney referring patients, or Non-Active patients becoming active.
Those are the Basics:

What We Do For YOU:

  • Set up all the communication systems.
  • Video you delivering the messages.
  • Edit all the videos.
  • Upload all the videos.
  • Write the script for each target audience.
  • Set up the landing page web site.
  • Set up the auto-responder.
  • Set up the auto mailing systems.
  • What You Do:

  • Read a script from a teleprompter while we video record.
  • Upload Names and Address from your target audience.
  • This is How the 10 Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems Work.

    The 10 Systems include:

  • New Patient Referral System
  • Spouse and Children Referral System
  • Retention System
  • Re-Activation System
  • PI Attorney Referral System
  • Auto Accident Referral System
  • General Practitioner and Neurosurgeons System
  • Direct Mail System
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