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Once again I am creating a new clients online video marketing and as the conversation moves forward it is revealed to me that the chiropractor has no definitive patient education and if anything it is a combination of mixed messages from various chiropractic practice management groups.

Hello Chiropractor Anybody Home

The core of the chiropractic patient education message should be factual, scientific, reproducible and easy to understand. So what message offers all of these components in a chiropractors marketing message?

The Science of the Three Phases of Healing

By placing the science of the three phases of healing at the center of your patient marketing and education you offer the most realistic, scientific, reproducible and easy to understand message.

Not only are the the three phases on healing a  great chiropractic marketing and patient education tool, there’s no selling of chiropractic care. The facts are the facts and allow the patients to to be well informed to make there own health care decisions.

If I were in a contest with all the other chiropractic marketing and patient education marketing messages, it would be a no brain-er what form of chiropractic care and who they would chose to deliver that care.

I opened 77 chiropractic offices in 20 states with a simple and factual message, after an injury your body goes through three phases of healing and this is how chiropractic impacts each of the phases as opposed to traditional medicine. Now you choose patient.

Imagine if medical doctors taught their patients the three phases of care and how medicine affects each phase, they would loose all their patients.

Try using the three phases of healing as your chiropractic marketing message and patient education, and oh by the way you’ll feel good about yourself in the morning.

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