Google-bot Rules

for Online Chiropractic Marketing


Crawling is the process by which Google-bot discovers web-pages


A Google-bot is also know as a robot or spider. An electronic piece of software that accumulates your online chiropractic marketing information.

Google has a large number of computers that crawl and gather information from web pages on the Internet. It has been estimated that over 90% of web-pages have not been indexed by Google. Understanding the process Google uses to index your web-pages is vital for your online chiropractic marketing.

There are over 200 algorithmic processes Google uses to determine which sites to crawl, how often, and how many pages to gather information from each site.

Not one person is privy to the algorithmic process. However by reverse engining and studying trends the process is straight forward and scientific.

After all Google is not trying to hide the process. They make their money by serving up the most applicable information from each search. They would not be in business very long if they regularly gave back unwanted information.

Google’s robots or crawlers find information by three main processes:

  1. Web page domain names
  2. Web-pages connecting links
  3. Site-map information provided by your website builder

The spiders crawl web-pages to detect information and links to other web-pages. As the spiders or robots visits each of these websites it adds found web-pages to the list of data.

New web-pages, changes to existing web-pages, and dead links are used to update Google’s index.

Google is totally independent and does not accept payment to crawl web-pages for your online chiropractic marketing systems.

Be sure your web-pages have have a site-map and have been registered into Google’s index. A simple software program can determine if your site has been indexed and which pages.

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