Google Search Results using more Social Online Chiropractic Marketing

Social media like Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter to play more of a role in Google search engine rankings

This was the latest excerpt from the Los Angele s Times:

“Your friends’ activity on Flickr, Quora, Twitter, YouTube and elsewhere on the Web will begin to pop up in search results within the next week, Google said Thursday. That activity will also influence how pages rank in search results.

“Relevance isn’t just about pages — it’s also about relationships,” Mike Cassidy, a Google product management director, and Matthew Kulick, a product manager, wrote in a blog post.”

Another reason to participate int the social media mania. Before it did not matter if you were on the major social media websites. Today your online chiropractic marketing will suffer if you are not participating and your compititon is.

Besides just participating to keep up, social media is a very good way to have a more personal relationship with your patients and future patients. Social media is another tool for your chiropractic internet marketing.

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