Google and Online Chiropractic Marketing’s Principle

“Focus on the user and all else will follow”

When posting material to your online chiropractic blog or website the first and foremost perspectives should be that of your primary audience.

Many times I have been asked what type of content should I post? Unfortunately most of the chiropractors I speak with have never heard or used the term reverse engineer.

Reverse engineering is the process of researching your primary patients demographic, psycho-graphic and geographic data and delivering your online chiropractic marketing content based on what they want not what the chiropractor wants.

When I practiced this principle my chiropractic practice took off

When you use content that is based on the paradigm, values and perspectives of your core patient your online chiropractic marketing message will resonate.

It is no different than when a company pushes  their message that is not within your value system. You revolt or turn away or deny the message.

One of the best sources of information to learn about the demographics, psychographics and geographic s is from the largest study on natural health. It ran from 2003 to 2007 and was funded by the national institute of health.

I would suggest picking up a copy to gain a better understating of the who, why, where, and when’s of the typical chiropractic patient.

You can find the study at the NIH website.

So remember when posting any content you should ask the question “Is this relevant to my patient”

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