Good Examples of Patient Contact with Online Chiropractic Marketing

Effective Method to Maintain Doctor Awareness

Dr. Papia sending a St. Patricks day video message to his patients base. Dr. Papia has already had several re-activations as a result of video messaging his patient base.

YouTube Preview Image

Dr. Wade keeping his name at the top of his patients base. Sometimes a little what I call “trinket” that matches the theme is given away. All in good fun and courtesy.

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Remember, your past patients is your greatest return on investment and easiest type of patient you should market.

Using your web-cam to send personal video messages is a great way to visually keep you at the top of mind awareness with your patients.

On occasion offer a promotional benefit

Even better, just give your patients something for nothing every once in a while. If anything it helps stimulate action.

This is the latest form of online chiropractic marketing, video web-cam for re-activations.

Keep in touch with your patients, if you don’t your competition will.

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