Geographics are Important for Online Chiropractic Marketing

Knowing your geographic draw is the first step to successful chiropractic internet marketing

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Geographics is the area of draw your chiropractic patients come from. It does not represent your furthest patient ever traveled.

This is how to perform a geographic study:

  • Go back last 6 months
  • Put a map on the wall
  • Place a pin at the home address of each of your patients
  • Draw a line around the 80%

This will give you a very good idea of what your area of markeitng should be. You then take this infomraiton and apply it to the internet and any recognized boundries such as a neighborhood name, city name, well defined area or zip code.

By limiting your geographic internet marketing you will be hitting the sweet spot for your potiential patients.

If you need any help defining your demographic, geographic and psychographic profile go to my website under marketing seminars. I explain how each works and effects your chiropractic practice and marketing.

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