Chiropractic Video Newsletter

Automated Doctor Video Newsletter

Automated Bi-Monthly Chiropractic Video Newsletter Using Videos of the Doctor

  • We set up your automated bi-monthly doctor video newsletter sent via e-mail.
  • Automated custom doctor videos in using e-mail with links of Doctor videos
  • We create, produce, edit, upload and embed the doctor videos into your website.
  • No generic videos, photos or text.

Benefits of Doctor Video Newsletter:

  • 55% communication is visual
  • Automated, Doctor does nothing
  • Videos of the doctor not generic
  • Free delivery, e-mail
  • Delivered every 14 days
  • Supports patient education
  • Stimulates re-activations
  • Keeps you on top of mind awareness
  • Includes periodic promotions
  • Can send blast e-mail to all your patients at any time

Cost of Doctor Video Newsletter:

No additional charge (Included in Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems, you only pay for the e-mail auto-responder)


















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