Flash Coding Chiropractic Website Mistake

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Website

One of the most common mistakes I see chiropractors make when choosing a chiropractic website design is to use “Flash” coding.

Flash coding is a type code the looks pretty good and typically has moving parts.

The reason using Flash coding for your chiropractic website is a mistake is that the Google Spiders cannot crawl Flash coding and therefore cannot index the space taken up by the Flash code

The bad news is this is the type of chiropractic website design that looks “flashy and cool” so it is a common trap to pick these types of chiropractic websites.

If you not familiar with the Google spiders they are they system that goes out every 30 days or so and indexing content on the internet.

By indexing content Google is able to serve up your content more accurately and quicker. So if your site is not being indexed by Google you will not show up when someone searches for your keywords.

As a rule I just tell all my clients not to use “Flash Coding at All”.

Each space that is not indexed by the Google spiders is self limiting and pushes you site further back down the list when Google serves up websites for searches.

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