First Page Google 129 Chiropractic Online Marketing Keywords

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

Statistics show that potential new patients will first Google their condition on the internet 67% of the time before they make their first chiropractic appointment.

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If you want to capture more new patients it would help if you were the chiropractor that showed up when thy search online.

The best way to capture those patients looking online for a chiropractor is to fulfill three categories:

  1. Have chiropractic online marketing content for the keywords they are searching
  2. Be on the first page of Google for those keywords
  3. Have videos online for those keywords

This is why our chiropractic online marketing system uses videos of the chiropractor for 129 health related keywords and marketing for the first page of Google

So when patients search for answers to their back pain, neck pain or auto injuries your show up on video with explanations of how you can help these conditions.

When you show up on video for the first page of Google you get the new patient and not your competition.

Videos is just one of the chiropractic online marketing systems we use to help our chiropractic clients dominate the internet for their location and get the new patients searching for answers.

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