Facebook Chiropractic Online Marketing What Not To Do

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Online Marketing Expert

I’m often asked what should a chiropractor do with Facebook regarding chiropractic online marketing. The following is a shot list of what not to do on Facebook for your marketing:

Facebook – What Not to Do

• Don’t build a Facebook page for your medical practice without having a solid website first. It’s important to provide a link back to your main website on all of your social media profiles in order to build credibility and visibility.

• Don’t respond to personal chiropractic questions on Facebook.

• Don’t, under any circumstances, post any identifying information about patients online.

• Don’t “friend” your patients online, but rather steer them to “like” you on a professional fan page.

• Don’t expect to achieve results overnight.

• Don’t get too personal in your updates.

After having said all that now get on Facebook if you have not already. Over 25% of of the time spent on the internet is on Facebook.

Learn a little a bout the baisics and if anything have a small chiropractic online marketing system for Facebook your chiropractic assistant can run a few minutes a day.

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