Example of Bad Chiropractic PI Marketing Trends

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic PI Marketing Expert

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One of the bad trends I see in chiropractic marketing is chiropractors who do not know the difference between pain or pleasure based marketing.

Too many chiropractors are using bad chiropractic PI marketing when trying to increase PI attorney referrals.

The trend is using pleasure as a motivating factor and not pain.

There are five general reasons why humans are motivated and they are:

  1. Avoid present pain
  2. Avoid future pain
  3. Present pleasure
  4. Future pleasure
  5. Curiosity

Of these 5 reasons overwhelmingly 80% of where people will spend their time and money is on avoiding present pain.

Having said that your chiropractic PI marketing should be based around the concept of having your target market avoid present pain.

When chiropractors try and use pleasure based methods they are very weak and ineffective.

An example of a pleasure based chiropractic PI marketing is offering dinners, tickets and gift baskets to the PI attorneys.

These are very weak forms of chiropractic PI marketing and do not establish or create a need with the PI attorney.

Not only are they pleasure based marketing, they are irrelevant to the PI attorney primary or secondary need.

In addition any of your competitors can easily offer more tickets and baskets and you lose out.

So when considering chiropractic PI marketing, consider using a message that is relevant to your target market that is a pain based message of value.

Pain based chiropractic PI marketing will motivate your target market based on the principles of avoiding present pain.

For more information on how we establish your chiropractic PI marketing give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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