Ego Picture Bad for Online Chiropractic Marketing Website

Use a professional photo to market your professional chiropractic practice

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Too often I see a glamor shot used for a professional photo.

If your marketing a professional service use a professional photo

When using images for your chiropractic internet marketing be sure to post a professional photo with your bio. Casual or other types of photos should be in their proper category.

The is nothing wrong with being dressed down in a photo, just make sure it fits the online marketing category. Such as wearing jeans at an office cookout.

It reminds me of a chiropractor I told this to when he was wearing jeans in the office. His response was I want patients to see me for who I am. Wrong

The patients are not their for you, they are their for a service and have higher expectations at that. Remember they are paying you, they are not wanting to be your friend, yet be treated friendly.

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