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Dr. Paul Hollern, PI Marketing

One of the best tools for PI marketing is the e-mail auto responder combined with videos.

Let me give you one example of automated e-mail auto responder PI marketing: One of my clients was sending out postcards to auto accident injury victims. Only on occasion would he receive a call.

We switched the vehicle of delivering the information into video format and connected it to a squeezed page and a e-mail auto-responder.

The postcard goes out but the difference is the message sends them to a website for more information. When they get to web address it’s a squeeze page.

We offer them important information from our PI marketing in exchange for their e-mail address. Once they give their e-mail address we now have a method of automated follow up with videos.

Automated is nice, low cost and not labor involved with this type of PI marketing.

E-mails are cheap and highly accessible, almost everybody has an e-mail address.

Videos are the preferred method receiving information today.

Having the doctor in the videos helps increase trust and decrease defense every time the potential PI marketing patient sees the video  presentation.

Within 10 days he had his first new PI patient compared to 10 months with his old system.

For more information of how to use the e-mail auto  responder and videos for your PI marketing give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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