Dr. Interviews for PI Prove Effective

for Online Chiropractic Marketing Websites

Dr. interviews increase visitor time on website from 46 seconds to 13 minutes for chiropractic internet marketing

The national average for time on a web site it 46 seconds. Online chiropractic marketing client website visitors are averaging over 13 minutes.

What does longer time on site mean…. High interest, Increased trust and more New Patients

Take a look for yourself:

YouTube Preview Image

The interview format has several effects to a potential new patient:

  • Non threatening
  • Very informative
  • Very interactive

The interviews are produced as to give authority to the doctor. The interviewer asks the same questions a potential chiropractic new patient would ask which makes the information very personal and specific.

The interview method is frequently used for infomercials because of the non-selling, high educational potential.

Each interview is kept under 10 minutes to insure all the interview can be uploaded to You Tube.

The topics are exactly what the patient would ask and want to know.

13 minutes on a chiropractic website is exceptional. The average person spends 46 seconds on a website and reads only 23% of the content.

If your interested in increasing the quality and effectiveness of  your chiropractic internet marketing, give me a call at 813-480-1693.

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