Do not use Back Pain for your keyword

in your Online Chiropractic Marketing Website

Back pain as a solo keyword is not recommended as a keyword

for chiropractors using online chiropractic marketing

Chiropractors should not use the word back pain as a stand alone keyword in their websites.

There are 4 main reasons you should not use back pain as a stand alone keyword in any of your web-pages.

They are:

  1. To broad, any number of people are searching for that keyword. The vast majority are not looking for a chiropractor.
  2. To much competition, because of how broad the word back pain is there will more than likely be a significant amount of competition for that word making that much more difficult to be on the first page of Google.
  3. The people the word back pain does attract are more likely not looking for a chiropractor.
  4. Single words like back pain are know to attract people who are looking for information, not ready to act.

The word back pain should be used as a keyword in your online chiropractic marketing website, however it should also be a long tail keyword. Meaning back pain should include a proximity word and the word chiropractor.

The reason you use a proximity word is 75% of all searches are proximity based and that certainly falls in line with potential patients looking for a chiropractor. They will be looking for a chiropractor in their immediate area, not across state lines.

The reason you should use chiropractor with the keyword back pain is that is is very specific to a potential patient who is seeking care from a chiropractor.

Using chiropractor and a proximity word in addition to your keyword back pain will attract a very specific person. Some one who is looking for a chiropractor in a specific geographic location that treats back pain.

So your keyword may look something like this:

Chiropractor in “your town state zip code” treats back pain

Using those words as one of your long tail keywords you have a significantly higher chance of getting on the first page of Google.

Those keywords will have less competition and you’ll attract somebody with back pain looking for a chiropractor in a specific¬† area.

That somebody should be you!

Online chiropractic marketing systems specializes in researching your specific keywords so your website can dominate the first page of Google therefore getting you more patients.

Using the right keywords can and will make all the difference in your online chiropractic marketing.

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