Dr. Paul Hollern

Dr. Paul Hollern

Dr. Paul Hollern Financed, Trained and Opened 77 Chiropractic Offices in 20 States

From 1995 to 2004 his company was the largest Chiropractic provider in the United States.

Using his marketing systems those practices saw 40,000 New Patients and over 600,000 patient visits annually. Dr. Paul Hollern did this by creating specific marketing systems for the Chiropractic industry.

Now Dr. Paul Hollern owns one of the most sought after New Patient and Retention systems.

He knows how to use the new media of online marketing to magnetically attract droves of new patients, keep existing patients and boost profits to record rates.

Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems

Dr. Paul Hollern Sponsors Chiropractic Marketing Event

Dr. Paul Hollern Sponsors Chiropractic Marketing Event


10 Personal Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems,

Automated for the Low Tech Chiropractor

  1. New Patient Referral System
  2. Spouse Promotion System
  3. Children Promotion System
  4. Patient Re-Activation System
  5. Patient Retention System
  6. PI Attorney Referral System
  7. Whiplash Patient Promotion System
  8. General Practitioner Referral System
  9. Neurosurgeon Referral Systems
  10. Direct Mail Marketing Systems

Dr. Paul Hollern focuses on 10 Personal Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems,

Automated for the Low Tech Chiropractor

Dr. Paul Hollern teaches and will implement online marketing systems that take your Chiropractic practice to the next level – and beyond – by using powerful, online new media strategies to attract a loyal following of new and repeat patients.

He uses a combination of online tools such as Video, Audio, and e-mail along with Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and LinkedIn. He uses these tools in combination with direct mail marketing strategies. Then combines these tools for maximum exposure and relationship building with potential and present Chiropractic patients.

Chiropractic Online Marketing Systems Trainer, Coach and Strategist,

You do not have to know anything about the internet or marketing

Just as he’s helped hundreds of others launch profitable Chiropractic practices and successful marketing systems, Dr. Paul Hollern’s battle-tested marketing strategies will significantly fire up your practice and fatten your bottom-line regardless of the economy…even if you’re just getting started with your Chiropractic practice or marketing.

Dr. Paul Hollern will Automate the Marketing for your Practice

You don’t have to do a thing

This is High Tech Marketing for the Low Tech Chiropractor.

Dr. Paul Hollern has the ability to help Chiropractors reach new business potentials regularly.

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