Dr. Paul Hollern the Author

Dr. Paul Hollern, Logan College

Dr. Paul Hollern Sponsors Club Seats for Logan College at Cardinals Game

Personal Writings:

  • The Monk Method of Setting Goals
  • Four Phases of Learning
  • How to Train
  • Why People Fail
  • Give in Abundance
  • Duty: Your Highest Aspiration
  • Acknowledge and Embrace your Fear to Get to the Top
  • Four Stages of a Relationship

Business Writings:

  • 9 Step Formula to Chiropractic New Patients
  • How to Create Referrals
  • Chiropractic Demographics, Psychographics and Geographics
  • Chiropractic: Management by Statistics
  • What are Psychographic Barriers
  • How to Build Out your Chiropractic Office
  • How to Negotiate a Lease
  • How to Design your Chiropractic Office
  • Marketing: What are Gateways
  • Marketing: How to Pick a Chiropractic USP
  • The Basics of Re-Activating your Patients
  • How to Market to Children
  • Marketing: Inner vs. Outer Circle of Influence
  • Pain vs. Pleasure Motivation
  • How to Hire a Chiropractic Office Manager
  • How to Ask for a Referral
  • Marketing: How to Write a Yellow Page Ad
  • Marketing: How to Write a Advertisement
  • Marketing: The Basics of Letter Structure for Optimal Results
  • How to Apply Reverse Engineering to Chiropractic Marketing
  • The S-Curve of Economics and Why Chiropractic is Stuck at 8% Utilization
  • How to Fire Employees
  • How to give Knock Your Socks Off Service
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