First Page of Google for Chiropractors

Video Tutorial on How to get on First Page of Google for Chiropractors


How Google Words

Why you need to be on the First Page of Google

Organic vs. Paid Search

10 Steps to First Page Google

Strategies to own 8 out of the top 10 Google listings.

2. Long vs. Short Tail Keywords

Starting with Keyword Research

Difference between Long vs. Short Tail Keywords

Words People use to Purchase vs. Information Gathering

Why you do not want to use words like back pain, chiropractor, low back pain

Average number of keywords you should use and why

3. Three Types of Keyword Search

How to pick your keywords

3 Types of keyword search, what they mean and how to use them

1.     General

2.     Specific

3.     Exact

4. Why you need to know Google

Must be where your patients are

Percent consumers that use the search box

Why need to know organic listings

5. How to Find Your Keywords

What keywords do you want to own and why

How to find the keywords your potential patients are putting into the search box

Why keywords are important

It all starts with your keywords you choose

What it means if you one word off

How the type of search affects your keywords, General, Specific, Exact

6 Keyword Research

How to use categories of keywords

How many keywords should you use?

Why never use only one keyword

How to set up your website using your keywords

How to find your best keywords.

How to create 100’s of videos

How to get video testimonial

Why you should not use HD

Best content

How to tag a video

How to create an active link in a tag

How to create a Backlinks

Why do not Backlinks to your homepage

7 How to Analyze Your Competition

How to analyze your competition for your keywords

How to find the exact top 10 competitors for your chosen keywords

How to determine how much it will take to overcome your competition

What t are the 5 components to evaluate

What site you definitely do not want to compete against.

8 The Four Google Categories to Own

How to own 8 out of 10 listing on Google first page your keyword

Four Google categories to own

Which categories is easiest to won

Which categories to go after first

Why blogs are better than static websites

What s the best blog to use and why

How to find quality sites to market

Why quality if site matters

Which blog should you defiantly post too

How to tag your keywords to a blog

9 Exact Steps to Find Your Keywords

Exact steps to find your keyword to market and attract future patients

Reverse engineering for you keywords

Difference between search boxes vs. URL search box

Keyword research most important part of SEO marketing.

10 How to Search Engine Optimize Your Website

5 Key comments to optimize your website page

How often your site crawled

How not to confuse the Google spider

Why Homepage is exception

Homepage is keyword different and why

How many keywords to use per website page and why

What are the 3 top categories for our keywords and why

What are your gateways and why

Difference between website vs. webpage keyword coding

What is the most important component you keyword should be

What are Meta keywords and Meta description?

What are H tabs and what is their most important

What percent ratio keyword to content

What is keyword stuffing and how no to do it

How many keywords per page should I use?

What are Alt Images?

If you just do these 5 things you’ll beat 80% of your competition

11. How to Tag Videos


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