Common Chiropractic Website Mistakes: White Space

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Website

One of the most common mistakes made with chiropractic websites or in general is what is called white space.

White space is the space in an chiropractic website not filled with text, photos or videos.

In other words clutter.

It is common to want to tell your story which ends up as clutter. The problem with clutter is the reader just passes by the content.

You have to remember clutter makes the view just move on. The average chiropractic website reader on the internet reads 20% slower

White space make it easy on the eyes to read your chiropractic website content.

So remember when creating content for your chiropractic website make sure to have at least 33% of the space “white space”.

As you spread your chiropractor website content be sure to leave one third of the space on the page for what is called “white space”.

This will make your chiropractor website much easier to read and therefore understand.

So use some restraint when trying to communicate your message and remember to leave up to one third of the space free and clear.

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