Colossus Seminar Chiropractic PI Marketing

Dr. Paul Hollern, Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems

For those of you who missed the colossus seminar in January this is Part 1 of a series.

YouTube Preview Image

It lasts about 40 minutes so it would be a good lunch video.

In this video my friend Dr. Matt explains some of the main principles of colossus and how they relate to personal injury management.

As you know the basis of the chiropractic PI marketing system is to offer a message that would be appealing to PI attorney.

The two chiropractic PI marketing themes to attorneys are how to make more money and how to get more PI patients from chiropractors.

The chiropractic PI marketing is bases on a sales presentation which performs those two themes.

This is a copy of a recent e-mail from one of my clients when we instituted the patient chiropractic PI marketing system.

In a short time frame I’ll be sending you a video presentation of the guts of the chiropractic PI marketing program and why it is appealing to the recipient.


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