Chiropractor Marketing Includes Uniform Colors

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractor Marketing Expert

One of the first signs when I walk into a chiropractors office to get an idea if they know what they doing with chiropractor marketing is look at the color of the staff uniforms.

I not only look at the color of the staff uniforms, also the chiropractors.

If I seen anything other then blue, purple, or bright colors it usually is a tell-tell sign of chiropractor marketing things to come.

On more than one occasion I have walked into a chiropractors office and the staff was wearing black scrubs.

The reason color is important is that color represents something in the mind of the patient

Colors have been branded into patients minds and will subconsciously associate your practice with the meaning of the color.

The health care colors are blue, royal blue, white and purple

Royal blue and gold is the most trustworthy colors and this is why our chiropractic websites are this color and I recommend this color to all my consulting clients.

Do not underestimate the power of color and branding. For more information Google the meaning of colors and read up on the psychology of chiropractor marketing and colors.

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