Chiropractic Website White Space Rule

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Website Expert

Often one of the most common rules of marketing is not applied to your chiropractic white space. The white space the the amount of clear space on a chiropractic website.

Chiropractic Website White Should Be 33% or Greater

Most of the time the chiropractic websites are cluttered with too many options, categories, photos or text.

A cluttered chiropractic website creates confusion in the viewers eyes. White space is easy on the eyes and is much more favorable.

These are some general rules for easy reading for a chiropractic website:

  • Paragraphs not more than three sentences
  • Use bullets and numbered lists
  • One photo per page
  • Seven options or less

You have to remember we read 20% slower on the internet and when we do read we scan.

Thing of this yourself, do you not even get started if the page is cluttered with ongoing and never ending text?

Is not list and bullets easier and cleaner to read as you glance.

If is too tempting to keep adding content to a chiropractic website because you feel you have alot to say. Be brief and to the point on the first pages. As the reader clinks further into the site to gather more information you can beef up the content.

So the general rule when creating our chiropractic website is to use 33% or more white space and make it simple to glance through.

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