Chiropractic Website Mistake No Testimonials

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic Website Expert

One of the more common chiropractic website mistakes is to not have patient testimonials. The purpose of the patient testimonial is to create trust.

Testimonials are consider social proof and have the greatest influence on customers buy decisions. We listen to what others have to say about your product or service.

We feel the person giving the testimonial has nothing to gain and there for is being truthful.

The most effective testimonials for your chiropractic website are video testimonials. Video testimonial create a greater sense of trust through the emotions we pick up visually from that person.

The testimonials have great trust if the person give more information about themselves. This can be simply done without violating HIPPA by having the patient sign a waver.

The topics of the chiropractic website testimonial should include:

  • Their full name
  • What line of work they are in
  • How did they hear about you
  • How did they respond to treatment
  • How were they treated by the staff
  • Would they recommend your services

After you take the video embed it in your chiropractic website in each page.

It would be nice to take a testimonial for a specific condition and place it on the page of that condition.

Under the video take one or two sentences that the person says in the video and place it under the video in text italicized in bold and in quotes.

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