Chiropractic PI Marketing Includes Knowledge of Auto Injury Compensation

Dr. Paul Hollern, Chiropractic PI Marketing Expert

Chiropractic personal injury marketing requires complete knowledge of auto injury compensation.

Economic Damages refers to the monetary restitution for things like lost wages, ongoing health care, and necessary alterations to one’s living space. The amount of these expenses is determined by a vocational rehabilitation expert, an accountant and/or an economist.

Non Economic damages refer to those paid for the inability to perform one’s favorite activities, the beginning of arthritis, the experience of ongoing pain, the loss of credit caused by an ongoing injury, the suffering caused by a traumatic psychological condition.

When marketing to patients and PI attorneys it would be wise to know to rules of auto injury compensation

Create content of how auto injurys are compensated to market to people searching on the internet for those terms. You can also deliver the content to your past patients. I am finding out a significant number of chiropractors who call me for chiropractic PI marketing never communicate to their past patients.

Two percent of all your past are in accidents every year and they already know, like and trust you. But many other health care providers are marketing for their personal injury business.

Economic and non economic damages are the broad stroke of auto injury compensation. One category for chiropractic PI marketing is knowledge and promotion of auto injury compensation.

If you wanting to increase your PI cases, give me a call we specialize in chiropractic PI marketing.


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